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About Us.

I'm Ben and I have a problem as I love guitars and everything related to them.

From acoustic or electric, effects pedals and pedal boards to amps, bass and baritone guitars and everything in between.


My life till now seems to have been a musical journey of playing, recording, selling, performing and studying guitars trying to become a ‘master’ guitarist.


Looking back, I am both grateful of, and slightly bemused at, all the special memorable moments I have been part of as a young and now slightly older and experienced musician. 


I have met and been taught by some awesome guitarists, performed at numerous venues and written songs with remarkable people. It has been a joy to have been surrounded with like minded friends to share in these experiences.


So what next in my magical mystery tour? With both a design and music education, after years of investing in guitars and equipment designed and produced by other passionate musicians, I think it’s now time to play my part and give back to music culture.  

My pedalboard using the Stormcaller Fuzz

With the help of Steve, a local engineering genius, I got the chance to develop a new guitar pedal that has become the catalyst in launching the company called Pedalborn. Our focus is to make high quality items that are easy and fun to use.


We make products inspired by music culture that you will want to interact with to encourage your individual style of music making. 


Our mission is to add to your ongoing awesomeness!

My 52 Telecaster and the first Stormcaller
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