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Like to keep things simple? We have created a stripped down Stromcaller Fuzz pedal with all the capabilities to change out the transistors at will to create your personal tone but with no effects loop. For me this pedal has a boost function on my board lifting my overdrive signal or messing up my solos if I run up the fuzz.  


Whether dialling in a volume boost, adding vintage grit to create your signature tone or just as an all out nasty Fuzz sound, the Stormcaller can deliver. 


The Stormcaller is a dual interchangeable transistor (PNP silicon/germanium) amplifier circuit. Originally modelled from the classic fuzz face circuit, it gives you the opportunity to easily switch out the transistors to change the dynamics and gain structure of the pedal.


The middle clean blend knob gives the ability to add in your dry instrument signal to the fuzz tone. This could be super useful if you are a bass player wanting to create a little more definition in your tone or adding clarity to a guitar part. Personality I love the ability to bring in the top end zing of the P90 pickups on my Epiphone Casino but also dulling my fuzz by backing off the tone knob on the guitar.    


Inside you will find an easily accessible bias control you can quickly dial in the attack, sustain and release that compliments your guitar or bass guitar, amp and pedals. It’s worth noting that this function parameter will change with different transistor types, but that’s all part of the fun.


Once taken out of the box, be assured that your Stormcaller has been fully tested by us with a set of Silicon transistors to get you going, then it’s up to you.

Stormcaller Single Loop


    Just open the back with a Phillips screwdriver and you will find a place to connect a 9v battery with important information.

    Then you will need a 1.5mm flat head screwdriver for the terminals and two PNP (germanium/silicon) transistors.

    I hunt for most of my transistors on sites like Ebay and Craigs list but there are so many electronic part suppliers online that can keep you searching for days.

    You will see marked on the circuit board that the two green terminals have a E (emitter), B (base) and C (collector). All that the circuit requires is that you have the correct transistor legs to the right terminals. There is information inside the pedal to help you understand what goes where.



    Sorry but the Stormcaller does not come with a power supply!

    The Stormcaller Fuzz is a vintage styled circuit best powered by one 9 volt battery.

    But this pedal is also pedalboard friendly, with a 9 volt centre negative input. So all you need is a well isolated power supply.

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